Peacock® Rice

Is a premium Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice,
100% natural aroma, cultivated on the highlands of Thailand.

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Quick and easy to make, full of flavor. Explore our recipe collection for all your favorites dishes from Jollof rice, fried rice, casseroles and everything in between.

Shall we reduce the environmental impact together?

Do you join the movement?

Too easy. With small gestures such as using the right amount of water and respecting the cooking time, we will also save on electricity and water bills, in addition to always recycling the bag and not wasting leftover food, taking advantage of it to make other recipes. We together can protect the environment. If you want to collaborate with us, Peacock encourages you to apply these initiatives in your home, thus reducing the environmental footprint.

Every small action can make a big difference.

Arroz SOS. Reducimos impacto ambiental