Peacock Thai Origin

  • PEACOCK is a premium Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice cultivated on the highlands of Thailand, has a soft and 100% natural aroma “flowered” taste.
  • The PEACOCK rice is produced and packaged in Thailand under the highest standards of quality in our Herba Bangkok factory and has two-year shelf life.
  • The Thai Hom Mali Rice variety is recognised for its quality and has a shiny long grain. When cooked, it has a soft sticky texture and a natural Jasmine flower aroma and delicious taste. The popularity of this rice is increasing, as a result it is now becoming more of an everyday occasion.

PEACOCK Thai Hom Mali Jasmine Rice is duly certified by the Ghana Standards Authority and by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana for sale and consumption.

Imported, marketed and distributed by Imaginario Company Limited, a company duly registered in Ghana.

Thai Origin

Welcome to 

Herba Bangkok

Herba Bangkok S.L belongs to Ebro Foods Group that is the world leader in rice production and second global pasta manufacturer, supplying to major brands across the world and having presence in most European, American, Australian and African retailers.

Herba Bangkok S.L is the regional Head Quarters of Ebro Foods Group in the South East Asia. It is located in Saraburi, approximately a 120 km North of Bangkok. It was established in 2006, and enjoy BOI privileges under the Thai Ministry of Industry and is certified by- ISO 9001-2015, GMP, HACCP, Organic and many others. Our values are strong emphasis on productivity, quality, compliance, community and transparency.

Inhouse reprocessing

Food Quality and Safety and the center of our operations

Our reprocessing lines uses the latest top of the range equipment to ensure high quality output. These include polishers, color sorters, X-ray machines, vertical metal detectors

Inhouse Fumigation Teams

Secure & strict fumigation systems that teams are fully certified by the Thai Government to do fumigation internally and at third party suppliers.

Inhouse capacities

Finished goods


Controlling price fluctuations

Quality Control

Full standard compliance test are done inhouse & third party

Full-time external surveyor team for pre-shipment inspections

Quality Assurance Certificates

  • GMP


  • ISO 9001/2015

  • BRC version 8

  • Organic EU

  • Halal

  • Organic NOP (USA) and linked for Canada & Australia: ACO)

  • Fair Trade Flo Cert

  • Fair Trade OperAequa

  • Kosher

  • Gluten Free

Social Compliance

Complies to highest Ethical Standards: BSCI, SEDEX, Ecovadis, Fairtrade and numerous customer audits.

Audit & Monitoring of our Suppliers according to the Ebro Code of Conduct: SEDEX, ILO and National regulation